M R dux

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First Man: M R dux
Second Man: M aint dux
First Man: O S A R, M R baby dux, C D E D B D Wangs
Second Man: L I B, M R dux

We Were Promised Jetpacks

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Posting here because I love this album art.


Space Virus Prevention Airstream

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DSC_6876 DSC_6877

A couple of pics from the new Smithsonian Aerospace museum . The first moon walkers were evidently required to stay in this modified Airstream for a quarantine period to prevent a “Moon Virus” from wiping out the entire population of the Earth. No worries, all they brought back were a few rocks and sterile lifeless dust. Still, after their recent accommodations the Airstream must have seemed as welcoming to them as Boatdog finds his to be. This great new museum at Dulles Airport also features the original Wright Flyer, The Concord, The Discovery Space Shuttle, hundreds of other historic restored aircraft and even the Enola Gay! Good times!

High-class artist I. Andrews

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Tossed from the GWAR BAR

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Gwar Bar Bouncer

I now hold the unique, if somewhat dubious, distinction of having been ejected from the GWAR BAR in Richmond’s “Jackson Ward”. As I had just started my recent visit to my old stomping grounds I stayed with my little brother who lives only one city block from the much touted GWAR BAR. This surprisingly ordinary bar was just a hop, skip and a stagger away so when I got a little bored I naturally gravitated down Clay St. in the snow, slush and biting icy rain toking my Nikon to experience and document the bar written up in Rolling Stone as a “Tribute Bar” to Richmond’s own “Heavy Metal, Shock, Satanic, Costumed, Fake Bodily Fluid spewing band. I had read that this joint was founded and operated by the original band members to display GWAR memorabilia, sling GWAR B Q sandwiches and let flow copious GWAR JARS of intoxicating fluids to all of their adoring fans. Although I was  rather underwhelmed by the lack of artifacts and even less impressed with the cuisine , I had a nice time, made some new friends, bought a few rounds of drinks and took two or three pictures. The very instant after I signed the check including a very generous tip the bouncer pictured above rudely showed me the door. Now I’ve been kicked out of a few gin joints around the world for some very understandable reasons such as getting roaring drunk, heckling the talent, trying to hit on the owner’s wife, putting my hand up the barmaid’s skirt, instigating a couple of bar brawls and a few of other minor indiscretions that need not be mentioned here, yet the only other time  I was ever previously censored for committing this particular “faux pas” was in the tea room of the Ritz Hotel in London. My crime? Taking photos with my digital SLR!  At least the maître de at the Ritz politely requested that I refrain from photographing the Emir so that I could continue to nosh on the buttered scones instead of them kicking my ass to the icy curb like the staff of the GWAR BAR did! Tempting fate, attempting to appear “incognito” and leaving the Nikon at home, I returned to scene of the crime the following night with Shade and his old friend Kerwin in tow. As soon as I realized that I was no longer “persona non grata” I asked the new wait crew why I had been thrown out of the place the previous night for taking pictures and they responded that “We don’t kick people out for taking pictures, folks do that all the time here!” I guess I just rub some people the wrong way. Either that or the GWAR BAR staff is just plum loco three nights a week or maybe it’s just me.  Roto

No paparazzi!

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Go here to learn about art.

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This could save you from having to pay for a college education:


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