Vete a la Versh

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This is my new favorite thing.


Just thought THIS was cool

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Just thought this was cool.

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I grew up in a world without CORNHOLE

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American Tune

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photo by corndoggie (July 23, 2010)

Noted folklorist and musician Elmer Pickle arranging an instrumental version of the familiar American song “Happy Birthday” in preparation for an upcoming lecture tour.

Happening Now, 150 Years Ago

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The Union army built the world’s longest ever (the record still stands) pontoon bridge across the James River between Charles City and Prince George Counties, VA. They managed to move a 50 mile long supply train, 100,000 men and 5,000 head of cattle across the river over 3 days without being detected by the Confederates.


images courtesy Library of Congress

Cave: “Swamp Thing” (2007)

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If it moves, we eat it.

[corndoggie, vocal; J Moser, guitar; gourdboy, elec. guitar]

(repost; audio now fixed)


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